Hi all, your old account isn’t meant to be wasteful, please log into
to claim your NEX coupon.

Log in method:
1) Fill in yourJjptr Agent Id & password.
2) Please ask your upline if you forget your Agent Id.
3) If you forget your password,click ‘forgot password ‘, then fill in your Agent Id,name &Jjptr; using bank account number.
4) Later on we will change everyone’s password to your last 6 digits in IC.
**After log in pleas click ‘Change Password’ to update your new password, to avoid others intention to steal your NEX coupon.Company won’t bear such loses.**
NEX coupon will be distributed according your investment profile inJjptr.
A: Invested usd25-usd100 inJjptr.
B: Invested usd101-usd200 inJjptr.
C : Invested usd201-usd300 inJjptr.
D: Invested usd301-usd400 inJjptr.
E : Invested usd401-usd500 inJjptr.
F : Invested usd501-usd600 inJjptr.
G: Invested usd601-usd700 inJjptr.
H : Invested usd701-usd800 inJjptr.
I : Invested usd801-usd900 inJjptr.
J: Invested usd901-usd1000 inJjptr.
*NEX coupon can be used for trading or apply in Nexcoinz Platform。
*NEX coupon can be traded in the market starting on 15th September.